About Sabsay Lawyers

Legal issues arise in all aspects of your daily life. Choose experienced and knowledgeable Sabsay Lawyers to assess and address your situation. We have substantive knowledge of the law and the practical aspects of finding a solution. At Sabsay Lawyers, we can look at the facts of your case to determine if your criminal or civil matter has intersecting issues.

Offering You Depth And Diversity Of Experience

Our 30 years of combined legal experience along with a record of success have delivered positive results for our clients. We are unique in that we offer proficient legal guidance in four areas of law, whether independent of each other or intersecting issues:

  • Criminal law
  • Civil litigation
  • Tribunal advocacy
  • Academic misconduct

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Legal Professionals Who Understand The Interplay Of Various Aspects Of The Law

Arrange an initial consultation with one of our legal professionals and discuss you legal matters at length. Your legal issue is unique to your circumstances, and we understand the uniqueness of the law. Call us at 416-361-9609 or contact us. We are located in Toronto and serve clients from all over Ontario.