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Theft is taking something that does not belong to you. Fraud is an intentional deception used to harm another. Fraud is often employed to accomplish a theft.

At Sabsay Lawyers, as your criminal defence lawyers, we defend clients who have been charged with theft and fraud, or who are at risk of facing such charges. Our clients range from those accused of shoplifting, boosting (“professional” shoplifting), car theft, credit card fraud, breaking and entering, and large-scale commercial theft and fraud. Frequent criminal and civil court proceedings are instituted as a result of allegations that a trusted bookkeeper, CFO, VP, finance employee or controller defrauded their employer of funds.

We give the same level of personal, responsive service to clients whether they have been accused of taking merchandise from a retail store, operating an internet scam or directing a sophisticated financial fraud involving shell corporations and the transfer of funds to offshore accounts.

In all theft and fraud cases, our goal is to minimize the negative consequences to our clients in all aspects of their lives. The prosecution takes theft and fraud cases very seriously. The Crown may seek jail time, even for a first-time offence. The possible repercussions of a conviction go beyond incarceration, fines and probation. A conviction may lead to a criminal record, eventually affecting your professional career and giving rise to civil lawsuits. Our legal team can assist you with all facets of your legal problem.

Ontario Fraud Defence Lawyers

Our lawyers are experienced in the defence of commercial crimes and other white collar offences which involve fraud. There are a variety of fraud cases we could list here, such as fraud related to bank transactions, securities, the internet, credit cards, health care, billing and invoicing, real estate and mortgage, insurance or telemarketing.

Commercial Fraud

We defend clients in commercial fraud cases that involve setting up phony companies and authorizing payment to those companies for services that were not provided or goods that were never delivered, kickbacks, submissions of fraudulent invoices and splitting proceeds of the fraud with a supplier. We defend professional fraud committed by lawyers, doctors and dentists.

We also represent individuals and businesses who are the victims of fraud in a civil lawsuit.

In every case of theft or fraud, we will explain the full extent of your legal problem and its likely consequences in all legal venues. We will outline the options available to you and advise you of the option we believe is in your best interests.

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