Civil Litigation Arising From Criminal Conviction

Civil Liability Originating From Criminal Conviction

You may not realize it, but being convicted of a criminal offence could give rise to a possible claim for a civil liability against you. It would not matter if you pleaded guilty or not guilty; your conviction has helped the plaintiff’s lawyer establish civil liability.

Civil liability means that because you have been in violation of a civil tort or a breach of contract, you are responsible to pay the distressed plaintiff. The test for proving a criminal case is higher – beyond a reasonable doubt. For this reason, once criminally convicted the burden of proof has been met and liability established.

Our Niche Is In Offering Intersecting Legal Solutions

At Sabsay Lawyers, we have successfully defended many clients who faced criminal convictions and thereafter minimized the risk of a civil liability. As experienced defence lawyers, we not only defend you against your criminal conviction but also strategize against a possible civil matter.

In order to bring a civil case from the criminal matter, a conviction is not always necessary; instead, sometimes being charged with an offence is sufficient. While the Crown must prove a criminal charge beyond a reasonable doubt, a plaintiff can prove a civil claim, based on the same allegations, on a balance of probabilities. We can offer you clear advice and focus on finding solutions and avoiding future issues. We have defended many clients on a range of civil lawsuits arising from criminal charges which can lead to civil liability, including:

  • Drunk driving charge
  • Assault (aggravated, sexual or domestic) charge
  • White collar crime offences

A conviction under the criminal code is not an inevitable win for the plaintiff in civil court but has been helpful in establishing liability. We can avoid that first step of being convicted and fighting vigorously for your rights and freedom.

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