Academic Tribunals

Resolving Academic Discipline Matters

Academic penalties issued against students can have serious consequences for their futures. It can disrupt or interrupt their studies and leave a written record of misconduct that could be accessible to future employers. Some disciplinary actions can also lead to further consequences in civil or criminal court. Being found guilty of a disciplinary offence can seriously damage a student’s prospective employment chances and further studies.

At Sabsay Lawyers, we serve clients across Ontario. We are highly experienced in handling academic disciplinary matters. Our high degree of knowledge of the processes, proceedings and consequences has helped students charged with misconduct. Thanks to expertise gained from over 30 years of practice, we can offer a high level of service in constructing effective defences to fight allegations of misconduct.

Protecting Academic Records

We understand the issues and complexities of situations of alleged wrongdoing, and we ensure you have our full support and legal skills at your disposal. In order to mitigate the possible damage to a student’s future opportunities, we use our knowledge of the intersection between administrative, civil and criminal matters to mount a high-quality defence.

Students can face disciplinary proceedings at academic tribunal hearings for matter such as:

  • Acts that could have civil or criminal consequences, such as harassment and vandalism
  • Alleged cheating
  • Alleged plagiarism
  • Forged application
  • Manipulating grades

Our aim is to prevent damaging information from finding its way into your student records, and our strategy is focused on getting allegations of misconduct dismissed. To achieve the best results, we will:

  • Endeavour to settle the matter from the get-go
  • Work diligently to build a strong defence
  • Effectively represent our clients at disciplinary hearings
  • Achieve best results for you under the specific circumstances

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