Corporate & Commercial Litigation

Effectively Representing Your Commercial And Corporate Interests

As a plaintiff or as a defendant, the common element in your civil matter is that you are in disagreement with the other party. But this difference of opinion could have harmful effects in a business setting. At Sabsay Lawyers, in Toronto, our goal is to reduce the effects on the future viability of your business while focusing on a cost-effective resolution.

The goal of any business is to ensure profitability and future longevity with a healthy business model. But when one party in a business transaction does not keep their side of the bargain, the other is bound to suffer. We have represented both sides in a business transaction and have resolved issues in favour of our clients through negotiation and litigation.

Business Disputes Resolved Comprehensively

Our wide-ranging experience has positively benefited many clients with their commercial and corporate disputes. We have almost three decades of litigation experience working in favour of our clients.

Commercial Litigation

  • Commercial leasing disputes
  • Oppression remedies for shareholders
  • Repair And Storage Lien Act
  • Insurance disputes

Corporate Litigation

  • Contract litigation
  • Employment disputes
  • Ownership disputes
  • Intellectual property disputes
  • Fraud litigation
  • Repossession litigation
  • Officer and Director liability issues

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