White Collar Crime Defence Lawyer

White collar crime is not a criminal charge, but a description of a range of offences involving the use of a deliberate deception to gain an unlawful financial benefit. White collar crime offences can range from straightforward theft to online scams to complex financial frauds involving stocks and corporate funds.

At Sabsay Lawyers in Toronto, we have a unique approach in representing criminal charges related to white collar crime. We assess such legal issues as they intersect with civil, administrative and regulatory investigations, which may lead to criminal charges. Our breadth of legal experience allows our lawyers to protect your rights in complex white collar crime cases no matter what the venue.

Range Of Services

We have represented clients in a wide range of white collar crimes, namely:

  • Fraud and theft
  • Money laundering
  • Extortion and embezzlement
  • Other fraud-related charges
    • Real estate and mortgage fraud
    • Bank fraud
    • Credit card fraud
    • Telemarketing fraud
    • Insurance fraud
    • Billing fraud
    • Other commercial frauds

White collar crimes often involve people in positions of trust with access to information and the means to commit financial crimes. Bank tellers may set up their own accounts. Financial advisers may siphon funds from a client’s account. The volunteer who counts the church collection may pocket some of the donations.

No matter what the specific circumstances, each case comes down to analyzing and challenging the evidence against our client, and building a case to support his or her position. Because of our long experience in both civil and criminal law, we know how to pursue our own investigations, which often uncover facts that strengthen our client’s case and cast reasonable doubt upon on the prosecution’s version of events.

We provide our clients with the information they need to make wise decisions about whether to accept a plea bargain or take a case to trial. We are skilled trial lawyers who have achieved successful results in complex white collar crime cases.

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