Professional Discipline Lawyer

Effectively Representing Clients Accused of Professional Misconduct

Allegations of professional misconduct and negligence can be devastating to an established professional’s career. Individuals who face allegations of professional negligence could end up paying a high monetary fine or face a period of suspension. In worst-case scenarios, their professional license could be revoked, effectively ending their career.

At Sabsay Lawyers, we can take steps to prevent the worst-case scenario occurrence and successfully defend you against misconduct allegations. Professional misconduct cases can also involve civil lawsuits and criminal law consequences. We have considerable experience in this area of law allowing us to defend a professional misconduct case fully. Our Toronto office offers professionals across Ontario comprehensive legal services to efficiently resolve professional licensing matters, allowing you to resume your career.

Constructing A Trustworthy Defence

Sabsay Lawyers aims to build a defence that is shatterproof. We have special expertise in criminal/quasi-criminal and civil matters where they intersect with other legal matters such as professional discipline. Our rich experience in those areas allows us to analyze every case methodically and prepare a defence that measures up to the highest standards.

The professional clients we represent include:

  • Lawyers
  • Nurses
  • Dentists
  • Registered Massage Therapists
  • Teachers
  • Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioners
  • Immigration consultants
  • Other licensed professionals

Protecting Professionals In Every Aspect

If a professional discipline case moves in front of a disciplinary board, we have the ability to successfully defend you based on our civil and criminal litigation experience. We have represented clients in all aspects of their cases. You can feel safe and depend on us to protect your best interests during every step of your legal journey.

Due to our rich experience that enables us to see a case through different lenses, we have the ability to advise clients on the best course of action. We also have the ability to spot weaknesses in the other side’s case, which enables us to get best results for our professional clients.

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