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Using Self-Defence To Address Assault Or Battery Charges

If you have been charged with assault, you may be up against not only a criminal trial but also a civil suit advanced by the plaintiff seeking damages for assault and battery. One way to face the charges is to argue that you were acting in self-defence. But drawing on this defence can be tricky.

At Sabsay Lawyers, we are intimately familiar with the principles of physical combat and we leverage this rare understanding to help our clients apply self-defense in their fight against assault charges.

Lorne Sabsay: Lawyer And Fifth-Degree Black Belt

One of the reasons behind our success in using self-defence to assault and battery charges is that Lorne Sabsay is also an experienced practitioner of martial arts. He understands not only the physical dynamics and mental philosophy behind self-defense, but also how lawmakers and judges view it.

Our firm has defended numerous clients and martial artists who found themselves on the wrong side of charges such as assault, aggravated assault and battery. If this is your case, Mr. Sabsay can help. We have the knowledge and experience to prepare your case based on the legal factors surrounding the self-defence argument. Mr. Sabsay will also draw on his background to help a judge and jury grasp how heated situations can quickly escalate and call for a self-defence response.

If you face criminal charges as a result of self-defense, we’re confident that our multifaceted approach will be a real advantage as we launch a successful campaign to exonerate you.

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