Civil Litigation

“I want to thank you both very much for all the hard work you’ve put in over the years on my case. We won! I couldn’t be happier with our outcome!”

“I had the opportunity to work with Lorne and Roselyn on a matter relating to my employment. Both Lorne and Roselyn were extremely professional in their approach to the issue. They took the time to understand the situation, evaluated my options and provided advice that was pragmatic and very well thought out. In the end, this resulted in my matter being resolved with the circumstances and the legal wording linked to the conditions of the settlement were also explained very clearly and methodically; this lifted a huge weight and significantly lessened the stress and apprehension that was associated with the issue.”

“Mr Sabsay is one of the most dedicated and passionate people I know. Law for him is not just his job but his life. He is dedicated to his clients in a way I have never experienced. For someone who works in a profession that comes with hurdles/ lots of stress – Mr Sabsay provides the confidence and the guidance you need. I came to a stop in my profession a couple years back and found myself in his office. When I worked with Mr Sabsay I instantly felt assured that things would get better. This is due to his nurturing nature of caring for his clients that goes about and beyond law. He has excellent knowledge of our criminal justice system. I would recommend him in a heartbeat!”

“Working with Sabsay Lawyers is like talking to friends, who are strong and professional. They make us feel so comfortable, like we’re in our living room. And we know we can trust them.”

“I trust Sabsay Lawyers’ judgement on my case. I know they have my best interests in mind, and I trust their knowledge and experience to handle my case in the best way possible and achieve a positive resolution.”

Criminal Defence

“Having had the occasion to work over an extended period with Lorne Sabsay of the Toronto-based Sabsay Lawyers on a case that involved a family member who was accused of a serious criminal infraction, we are able to recommend him highly to anyone facing legal hurdles.

Throughout this long, stressful process, Lorne-along with the extremely efficient paralegal Jennifer-was consistently available anytime clarification was needed. Demonstrating the high level of professionalism that is the hallmark of this practice, Jennifer could be counted on to explain the legal ramifications in detail and in a manner that saw things make sense to a layperson.

It should go without saying, when unjustly caught in a web of false claims, it is especially critical to engage a lawyer that ensures you understand the process and the consequence of any potential outcomes. Generally speaking, a good lawyer is one that understands the workings of the law while an exceptional lawyer is one that grasps the intricacies of the system. I feel completely confident sharing that Lorne proved himself an exceptional resource.

In spite of the overarching challenges-the offense being tried outside the GTA, the pandemic-inspired lengthy delays, multiple changes of Crown Attorneys which meant starting from the beginning again and again-Lorne diligently worked within the legal framework to allow the family member navigating this nightmare to continue with their work and personal life while awaiting resolution. We don’t believe that would have been the case without his diligence, informed counsel and network of connections.

For these and many other reasons, Lorne proved himself a superior attorney. He was honest, didn’t sugar coat, was upfront, always helpful and importantly, remained mindful of fees. I have no hesitation recommending Lorne as I feel sure he is certain to deliver excellent results for anyone facing a legal challenge. In our case, his diligent efforts saw a potentially catastrophic situation resolved in a manner that allowed the individual charged to resume their life essentially able to put this challenging episode completely behind them.”

“I just want to say a big thank you Lorne and Jennifer for the hard work that you have done in order to see that justice had been served. Truly from the bottom of my heart I appreciate everything you have done on my behalf. God Bless.”

“I want to thank Sabsay Lawyers all the help and expertise in my matter. They are the best! They saved my life, and I cannot begin to thank them enough. It was not the best circumstances in which to meet. But I’m glad I met the Sabsay Lawyers team. They are awesome!”

“Lorne Sabsay is simply the best. In our case, there was DNA evidence and it was complicated because the so-called crime happened 8 years ago. He was so thorough in examining all the evidence and presenting it in court that anybody could see the truth. He leaves no stone unturned and presents it in a way that made the prosecutors, the judges, and the detectives look like amateurs to say the least. Justice was served because he unravelled the puzzle and presented the truth to the court. Something the police couldn’t and didn’t bother to do. He’s a modern day Perry Mason with his own detective on call. Talk to him once about your case and you will know you have the right man for the job!”
A.B. & J.B.

“There is reassurance in knowing you have the best advocate possible on your side, and I had that reassurance when watching you work.

Your courtroom manner was calm and relaxed yet you were ultra-focused and nothing, not the slightest detail, passed you by. It is a pleasure watching a first-rate professional at work and you clearly fall into that bracket.”

“Thank you to you and your entire firm for the great and amazing job you have done for my family, more importantly for (my brother). We appreciate you all and can’t thank you guys enough. I (want to) share my thoughts on our case and the amazing role you guys have played. Thanks!”

“Dear Mr. Sabsay, on behalf of my family, my girlfriend and I, I want to thank you very much for all your effort and time on successfully persuaded the Crown to withdraw all charges against me. You are definitely one of the best lawyers in Toronto!”

(client charged with domestic assault offences)


“Hi Lorne, I am very grateful for your hard work and excellence for my case. The case itself was technical and you’ve went above and beyond to make sure that what is right is right. That alone is priceless.

To be completely honest, even though how weird it sounds, I miss you and Roselyn. Gratefully we won the case but after all these years I’ve considered you both as part of my circle or family and friends. You both are great people and experts in your field. Thank you.

Just to provide some update on the case winnings we received, I thought I’d share with you both. You may remember I wanted to expand my company since 2015 when I quit my job and decided to be a consultant. But due to the case, I was cash strapped and broken hearted that my first venture into the corporate world was such a disaster.

Now that I’ve met you both and over the years worked together to achieve a successful outcome with our case, the following has happened because of you two:

I’ve been able to invest into my company with renewed marketing and advertising. New and updated website, brochures and flyers. I’ve hired 3x additional employees, they are part-time but from just myself I now have a little team. I setup a shared office space in Eaton Center. My current client has renewed me for a 3 year and ongoing as a consultant with an annual rate increase averaging ~13% per hour. I’ve worked over 460 hours of overtime just this year alone because my client relies on my skillset for many of their projects and complex network and security work. I purchased a company car (2018 Mercedes-Benz AMG Convertible) which wasn’t the most practical purchase but after 3 years of our legal case and budgeting to pay my costs I’ve decided to treat myself and to show myself that I can do something that I’ve only dreamed of doing. And to keep pushing myself towards greater success and keep my dream of becoming a successful business owner, as I continue to learn and grow within myself and as an entrepreneur.

The reason why I feel I need to share this with you both is the fact that this is possible because of you two. The win gave me the confidence to make decisions with logic and reason and to take a chance. Just like I did when I first came to you in December 2015 asking if we have a case because of what happened to me “didnt feel right”.

You both are great people, humanitarians and highly intelligent. I know you both will be successful in anything you do.

I will continue to work with you both as I will need my own contract drafted for my new hires in the new year.

I wish you and your families a great and Happy Holidays and a successful New Year!

Thank you very much”

“Mr. Sabsay handles his cases with dedicated care and professionalism. He is very knowledgeable and creative in his approach. Have happily recommended Mr. Sabsay multiple times and will continue to do so in the future.”

“Lorne and his team were very professional. down to earth, they care about people and did an awesome job!, money well spent, I would recommend him. He made me feel comfortable without judgement and didn’t get my hope up but he was honest and in the end things worked out well, he eased my mind and stress and fought to get justice and settle the matter at hand. definably a great decision having him represent me.”

“I had to get a lawyer and found Mr Sabsay. He was honest and direct in what he told me about my case. I would use Mr Sabsay again if I ever need a lawyer. I would recommend Mr Sabsay to anyone in need of a Lawyer”

“Lorne is very polite, honest, personable and professional. I would recommend him to anyone. Money well spent.”

“The Lawyer’s lawyer. The finest representation available. With personable skill and the highest integrity Lorne and his team provide representation that is admired and sought after by Counsel.
People who understand and are knowledgeable about our system of justice choose Lorne with very good reason and total confidence.
You’re in the right place.”

“Mr Sabsay is not only personable, he is professional and just an all around great person to have on your case. I have recommend and will again for anyone who wants to be fairly looked at by a court of law.”