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Whether you are a college or university student or your business has gotten into trouble with a regulatory authority, facing an administrative tribunal can have dire consequences. Apart from the possibility of incurring fines and suspensions, regulatory offences can also lead to lawsuits and criminal charges. In such cases, you may be facing severe consequences ranging from high-cost awards, suspensions or revocation of professional licenses and criminal records.

Sabsay Lawyers in Toronto has the knowledge to handle tribunal cases skillfully to avoid the escalation of your case. Our three-decade-long experience in both criminal and civil law allows us to successfully represent clients in tribunal matters. We offer our valued clients innovative legal solutions to resolve complex legal matters. We can represent you at:

Settling Your Administrative Or Regulatory Problem

Our focus is on successful resolution of tribunal advocacy matters. We understand that it is in your best interests to get a successful outcome in a time-sensitive manner, and will strongly defend against all allegations to avoid the matter from escalating.

Our special expertise in the criminal/quasi-criminal and civil litigation areas has given us an edge on defending clients who are faced with regulatory offences. We advise clients as to the best way to deal with the charges, create a personalized plan of defence and protect your interests every step of the way.

Avoiding Further Litigation

Our lawyers will rigorously defend your matter until the end. Every client attending our offices will be given clear information and advice as to their case and case management. Our unique understanding of the intersection between criminal, civil and administrative matters helps us settle cases and avoid further consequences to you.

If your matter has gone beyond the tribunal stage and into the civil or criminal law realm, we will rigorously defend and protect you. Shielding you from further actions is our main concern.

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