Wrongful Dismissal Lawyer

Making It Right With An Understanding Of Both Sides

At Sabsay Lawyers, we believe knowing the law is not enough; instead, knowing both sides of the law is essential in effectively negotiating on behalf of the client. For this reason, we have represented employees and employers in wrongful dismissals and other employment-related disputes.

Wrongful dismissal litigation arises when an employee feels that they have been unfairly treated by the employer and that their rights have been violated. We have successfully defended the rights of a woman who was dismissed while on maternity leave and of someone who was away on a medical leave.

But from an employer’s perspective, we are able to help negotiate terms that can offer positive results for both.

Common Factors To Be Considered

Our approach to a wrongful dismissal matter is to negotiate and find solutions in a cost-effective manner, instead of pursuing litigation. But if all efforts of dispute resolution fail, we are not afraid to continue litigating. Our extensive litigation experience and knowledge have helped employers and employees positively resolve their issues.

Every case is based on its own set of facts and circumstances, but the common legal issues that could give rise to a wrongful dismissal are as follows. An assessment is made:

  • Whether the employer gave the employee adequate notice of termination
  • Whether the employer paid the employee severance adequately
  • If any allegations of unjust employee misconduct have been reported

Employment law is legislated to protect the rights of the employer and the reputation of the employee from false claims. As experienced civil litigation lawyers, we understand both sides of the law and the legal factors that need to be established.

Your employment issue is investigated based on your facts. We investigate if the employee has been reported for wilful disobedience, dishonesty, intoxication at work, insubordination or harassment claims. We ask the right questions before reaching a conclusion or offering our legal opinion. We will provide you with options so you can make informed decisions to be able to move forward with the claim.

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