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Businesses and individuals can sometimes find themselves at the wrong end of administrative law when conducting business activities. If charged with a regulatory offence by a government agency, the penalties can range from fines to suspensions and revocations of business licenses. Some cases can even escalate to involve civil lawsuits or criminal prosecutions in which individuals can face incarceration. Bars and restaurants frequently face prosecution for a variety of by-laws and regulatory offences, whether involving alcohol or licensing infractions of other kinds.

At Sabsay Lawyers, we know how to handle complex regulatory offences. We have represented clients in civil, criminal and administrative actions and have often handled cases where these areas intersect. Our familiarity with handling challenging cases has equipped us to generate innovative solutions to resolve complex regulatory offence matters.

Guiding Clients Through Complex Legal Matters

Our Toronto lawyers’ approach to solving difficult regulatory matters centers on successfully guiding clients through these complex legal matters. We comprehend the issues that are involved in handling regulatory offences. We are proactive in tackling these issues to find the best solutions. We work diligently to get the matter settled in order to save our clients time and resources.

We represent clients in Ontario who have incurred regulatory offences under other specialized tribunals, such as:

  • The Highway Traffic Act
  • The Liquor License Act of Ontario
  • Hunting regulations
  • The Competition Act

All clients who come to Sabsay Lawyers can rest assured that their matters will be handled proficiently. Our knowledge and experience with complicated legal matters give us an advantage in successfully resolving these matters in our client’s favour.

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