Criminal Law Appeals Lawyer

Experienced Trial Lawyers Can Appeal Your Conviction

At Sabsay Lawyers, we assist clients with summary conviction appeals and indictable offence appeals in Ontario. Our extensive trial experience gives us an understanding of the issues at work in an appeal and allows us to effectively argue on behalf of our clients at the appellate level.

We leverage our resources and relationships to the benefit of our clients in appeals.

Being Trial Lawyers Is What We Do Best

Our trial experience puts us in a unique position to analyze the results of your trial. In an appeal, judges often give deference to the trial judge, absent obvious errors in the law. Looking at a trial transcript, an appellate judge may not have a clear picture of the errors made by the lower court. Our Toronto criminal appeals lawyers understand the limits of the court on appeal, and our past trial work allows us to achieve successful results at the appellate level.

Not only do our lawyers have an in-depth understanding of the criminal trial process, we also have built relationships with many criminal trial lawyers in the Greater Toronto Area. These relationships are important when handling an appeal. By discussing the case with the trial lawyer, we can understand the trial lawyer’s perspective and work to build effective arguments for our clients.

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