Unpacking The Evidence

Good lawyers have to understand what they’re looking at in context. We achieved a withdrawal of criminal charges by unpacking the significance of the evidence against our client, and it meant the opposite of what the police suggested. An undercover police officer tried to entice our client into committing criminal offences by posing as a teenage girl online, and he was then charged with seven serious criminal offences – several of which require intending to commit an actual offence with the person he believed he was communicating with. When an undercover officer is attempting to entrap a man, and he still does not follow through and commit any actual offence (or even meeting), the intent is simply not there. Yet the police tried over and over to get our client to do something he actually had no intention of doing. We went through that evidence and explaining its significance in context of the communications our client had with the undercover officer. By articulating that context to the Crown, we were able to get all charges withdrawn. And our client gets to move on with his life.