Criminal Law

Is Self-Defence a Crime?

If you meet the requirements of self-defence, then it is not necessarily a crime. However, the criteria for self-defence can be a complicated area of the law to navigate, leaving many people to wonder if, having defended themselves physically or with a weapon, they will be charged with a crime. There are laws in place […]

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Unpacking The Evidence

Good lawyers have to understand what they’re looking at in context. We achieved a withdrawal of criminal charges by unpacking the significance of the evidence against our client, and it meant the opposite of what the police suggested. An undercover police officer tried to entice our client into committing criminal offences by posing as a

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Acquittal Won: No one can be convicted without proof beyond a reasonable doubt

We are glad to have won our client an acquittal on the basis of a pillar of Canada’s criminal judicial system: the Crown must prove that the accused is guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. No matter what the crime or what the potential sentence, nothing short of this standard will do to deprive a person of

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Cannabis Legalization and First Time Users

Will cannabis legalization increase the number of first-time drug-impaired driving offenders? Health Canada’s second annual survey of cannabis users showed 60 per cent of respondents know consuming marijuana affects a person’s driving ability. In 2017’s survey, only 50 per cent of respondents admitted consuming marijuana affected the user’s ability to drive. Despite this, the 2018 Health Canada survey

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The Seriousness of Facing Fraud and Theft Charges

In the corporate world of Ontario, people may unknowingly become involved in operations or circumstances that turn out to be unlawful. However, if this happened to you, it might be challenging to get out of it without legal implications. This could involve something as simple as shoplifting or complicated involvement in an internet scam or

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Why We Need Drug Treatment Courts

This article originally appeared on The Lawyer’s Daily website published by LexisNexis Canada Inc. The Canadian Association of Drug Treatment Court Professionals (CADTCP) is comprised of judges, lawyers and treatment providers who either work in Canadian Drug Treatment Courts (DTCs) or advocate for them. We share common ground with professors Anthony Doob and Rosemary Gartner

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Successful DUI Case

October 26, 2017: Today we successfully defended another DUI case. Our client had to swerve to avoid another vehicle which did an impromptu U-turn in front of traffic without looking. That u-turning driver was charged with careless driving as a result of that action. Because our client had to suddenly swerve to avoid t-boning the

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